Loving Little Li

This is the story of the Chien family and XinLi.  Last February, the Chien family (Chien, Jenny, and their son Stephen) began to pray about adoption. It had been on their hearts for some time. Chien speaks Taiwanese and Mandarin, so they felt called to an Asian nation. They discovered a pressing need in China, and joined Waiting Child advocacy boards. Through the many sea of faces, stories, and files, Jenny saw this picture of XinLi (pronounced Sheen-Lee) on her Facebook feed.


It just tugged at her heart. XinLi’s file said she was nearly 7 years old, and had cerebral palsy – a disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination. But her file had not been updated in two years, and Jenny wanted to know more about the little girl. Through a Facebook advocacy group, she was connected to an American volunteer who worked at XinLi’s orphanage.

The volunteer had this to say about her: “She is one of only a handful of kids who always asks me to find her a family. The orphanage told me that she is going to the States this winter for a brief stay with a host family. We are all in hopes that the family will fall in love with this incredible little girl who always has a smile.”

Thus began a correspondence with the volunteer. The Chien family discovered that XinLi could not attend any type of schooling because of her mobility issues, and that her best friend would soon leave the orphanage to be adopted by a Michigan family.

An agency was coordinating a hosting program, which would select only 40 children to come to the U.S. and miraculously, XinLi was chosen to participate! Through a number twists, turns, and amazing confirmations, Chien and Jenny felt God directing them to host this little girl. She came for one month from January to February this year. Here is a video of their time together.

During the hosting period, the Chien family hoped to be a blessing to XinLi, but her generous and joyful spirit turned out to be a tremendous blessing to them. She just “fit” into the family. They say she loves the outdoors, enjoys eating grapes, and makes everyone laugh with her non-stop “fart” jokes.

Time went by too quickly. XinLi has since returned to China, and now the whole family agrees that adoption is the next right step. But adoption is a timely and costly endeavor. The financial needs go beyond the adoption process, for XinLi would need extensive dental work, eye surgery, and procedures to increase her mobility.

And so, Hopes Way would like to support the Chien family during our Missions month. We are praying for them and raising an offering to support their adoption efforts. Our goal is to raise at least $1000 by April 26th, and to send the offering by Mother’s Day. If you are unable to bring an offering to our Sunday service, you can give online at http://www.hopesway.org/way-to-give/. Please indicate that this is a missions offering for the Chien family and XinLi.

May God bless the Chien family (Chien, Jenny, Stephen, and XinLi). And may God bless you all.