Our History


Hopes Way was conceived many years before our formation in 2006. As our founding Pastor, Rev. Rachael Chinnery-Todman, had an opportunity to speak to a young woman named “Hope” who was feeling hopeless in her life, it was at that moment that Rachael purposed in her heart that she would like to be used by the Lord to give hope to others. Directed by the Holy Spirit, she ultimately surrendered her life to the God she loves and the people of God that she serves, to bring the message of hope. Our story continues through a group of multicultural, spirit-led individuals on a journey of discipleship and the sharing the truth of God’s word which teaches us that God has a plan for our lives – plans “plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome” (Jer. 29:11 AMP).

Our Mission

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Hopes Way Church exists to impact the world’s systems – education, economic, social and political – with the gospel of hope through Jesus Christ. As we, individually and collectively, are transformed by Hope, as expressed in Christian unity, we in turn bring HOPE: Healing, Opportunity, Purpose and Empowerment to our homes, workplaces, and communities.


Statement of Faith

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We believe the Bible is God’s Word, divinely inspired and authoritative and contains both the Truth and Power of God. We believe there is only one God – the triune Godhead, in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as sovereign Creator and ruler of the universe. We believe the revelation of God in creation, history and in Jesus Christ. We believe the personality of Satan, and his present control over unregenerate man, the fall and lost estate of man, whose total depravity makes necessary his new birth in Christ Jesus. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God: fully God, fully man. He was miraculously born of the Virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, and worked supernaturally in miracles and healing. We believe in the substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, of Jesus Christ and His ascension to heaven. He died in our place, and offers each person the forgiveness of their sins. We further believe that Jesus Christ will return to earth in power and glory to judge the nations and reward those who believe. We believe that God created the world and humankind. Humankind rebelled and their subsequent depravity initiated the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth to die on the cross for the sins of all mankind. We believe the Holy Spirit, sent to earth on the day of Pentecost changes our hearts and gives life to our spirits when we accept the gift of salvation offered by Christ through and by the Holy Spirit’s work in regeneration and justification. We believe the Holy Spirit gives us on a daily basis, power to live and act as Jesus would, and prompts us to repent when we fall short of the glory of God and sin. We believe in the growth of the knowledge of God and Christian obedience. We believe the church is the indivisible body of Christ as the creation of the Holy Spirit, consisting only of those who are born again, for whom Jesus now makes intercession in Heaven, and for whom He shall come again. The church is for Christians to receive instruction and encouragement for their daily living and training to make disciples of all humankind. We further believe the worship, mission and service of the church to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, baptizing and teaching those who would believe. We believe Christ will come again to raise the dead those who are saved unto everlasting life and blessedness in Heaven, and the resurrection of the unsaved unto everlasting punishment in hell and to judge the world.