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CEdric Frank Sterling

Minister of PRAYER


My name is Cedric Frank Sterling and I am a licensed minster at Hopes Way. I received my license on November 8, 2009. I am the father of two wonderful children, Hope Sterling my eldest and Daniel Sterling my youngest. I am married to a wonderful woman in Christ Sandrine Sterling, who I believe God has chosen specifically for me. I received a B.Sc. in Accounting from Post University and Masters in Public Administration and Forensic Accounting at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The Lord convicted me of my sins in July 2000, three weeks after my birthday. I was in bed one Sunday morning and I remember saying to the Lord the best gift I could ever have is for Him to save my soul. I went to church that Sunday but nothing happened, disappointed I was, but I returned to church the following Sundays. Three weeks later, when I least expected anything to happen. There, God was answering my request through this ever still small whisper. I have been a follower of Christ ever since and I love Him dearly.

I am of Jamaican heritage, lived in Jamaica for most of my life but migrated to New York in 1999. I grew up in a Pentecostal church through the careful directive of my mother. I have always wanted to attend seminary and I am hopeful God might grant me that desire one day. I love God, His church and His people, because it speaks to who our God is and His multi-faceted character. My desire is one day I will be doing God’s work as an ordained minister.

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