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bringing messages of hope

Hopes Way began in the heart of God and was manifested in the heart of the senior pastor Rachael Chinnery Todman in 2006 at a Market Place bible study during her lunch hour sitting at her desk in corporate America on Park Avenue in NYC.


Pastor Rachael was conducting several bible study groups during this time. She shared her vision of what she believed God was calling her to do with the groups she was teaching and five members from three groups decided to join her on a journey of faith. Propelled by the calling and vision of God to share the gospel of hope, Hopes Way began its first public service on Sunday, 6th January 2008 in Bronx New York.


Our story continues through a group of multicultural, spirit-led individuals on a journey of discipleship and the sharing the truth of God’s word which teaches us that God has a plan for our lives – plans “plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome” (Jer. 29:11 AMP). Read and listen below for more about God's work in the lives of Hopes Way. 

Latoya Richardson

Latoya grew up in the projects in the Bronx with a single mother. Late in elementary school, she was diagnosed with a learning disability. For many like Latoya, schools did not always provide the support needed. She began at a young age to navigate a world that did not always have high expectations for her life.


Soon, she became a single mother of two. Latoya shares a piece of her story about her struggles, her faith journey and her triumphs after rededicating her life to Jesus Christ. We hope and pray that those of you watching this video would be encouraged.  

Carol Lee 

In Part 1 of her testimony, Carol tells her story about God's faithfulness in breaking her ties with the occult and her encounters with the Holy Spirit.

In Part 2, Carol talks about her miscarriages. Here are excerpts from our conversation: 

You don’t plan on entering the world of the occult. You just encounter these ideas, and suddenly say, that’s not a bad idea. Especially if you don’t have guidance. It’s like Eve - God told her one time, "Don’t eat the fruit." Satan is very insidious. You think, did he actually say "You’ll die?" When you’re in a moment of choice, in the moment, it’s just an apple. What’s the big deal?

That’s how it went down in my head. It’s something that’s not obvious right off the bat, the choices we make. I think that from those choices, if you’re finding yourself in a way where you’re far from the choice you originally intended, how do you get yourself back? Forgive yourself? How do you go from prodigal son back into the Father’s arms? A lot of people don’t see that to treat God like a father, he wants more than asking Him for stuff. Sometimes the best gift you can give is that we can be forgiven. We are broken, but...we can be made whole. 

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