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Haley Main Lis

Minister of EDUCATION

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As an environmentalist and a Minister, Haley views the world from two distinct angles, but two that she believes are far more complimentary than contradictory. Because the Bible is clear on humanity’s role as steward, this principle guides her life and ministry in the church. It has always been Haley’s hope and vision to strengthen the relationship between faith and conservation. She has participated in two fellowship programs through National Audubon and GreenFaith, focusing on preaching andteaching to the church community about our God- given role as stewards and the importance of embracing that role as committed followers of Jesus. Haley believes the faith community is a tremendous ally for environmental organizations and hopes to inspire collaboration towards positive conservation action, and that the church must live out its command to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves through sound and sustainable living, allowing all life to give God glory as Psalm 150 proclaims: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

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